Young learners from the Fun and Education Global Network (FEGNe) who got featured on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and the Daily Nation newspaper last week honored an invitation from Liquid Telecom Director, Ben Roberts.

Ben, who is also a mentor for FEGNe’s Agri-Covid Gardens project welcomed about 12 learners and facilitators to his residence in Karen, Nairobi.

In a session that was aimed at developing communication skills and public speaking, the children took turns to introduce themselves and share experiences on their FEGNe journeys on Zoom . They also talked about their successes and challenges they faced while working on their Agri-Covid gardens.

The young learners then made a tour through Ben’s garden which had plants like capsicum, corianda, carrots, rosemary, mints and sweet potatoes. They were also trained on how to look out for insects that attack plants on their gardens. Ben advised them to see farming as an activity for everyone regardless of one’s background. He introduced them to some modern ways of farming that employs technology by use of computers, satellites, cameras and other gadgets.

He also encouraged them to find and grow some foreign vegetables and be the first to introduce those to their families and communities.

President of FEGNe, Kenneth Monjero (Dr. Fun) expressed his delight at the move. He said he feels happy that these young learners have developed a high self-esteem and can now recognize themselves as people who can impact the society today and not just in the future. He noted that they are feeding their families and making money from their gardens and are also involved in solving problems through design thinking approach.

He added that at the end, every child should feel “I can do something, I am somebody who is recognized in the society, community, nation and the world at large.”

Dr. Fun said, the organization is looking forward to engaging learners across all programs to develop their interests. He posited that the children need to be connected and work with – not only their families but – other children across the globe to develop skills and solve some issues we face.

“We shouldn’t only look at networks for professionals, we should develop network for young learners too. Children need to visit places, learn from others and know they can make it in various ways,” He ended.

The children had lunch and a Question-and-Answer session which saw a hearty interaction with Ben.